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Bathing Suit Tops

With the endless shopping possibilities offered on the internet, comes the problem on how to choose the best fitting garment for your body shape.

You know what styles and colors look good on you but it’s hard to buy a piece of clothing without trying it on. And this is especially true when we talk about bathing suits! Everything looks so good in the pictures, on a perfect model body surrounded by palm trees and hot sand… but how is going to look on you?

Here you’ll find a few tips that will help you better understand the different swimwear styles and what are their advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the most fashionable look this summer, the bandeau top swimsuit. This beautiful and ultra feminine style will make look effortlessly sophisticated… in the perfect color for your skin tone and with the right accessories, is guaranteed to bring you a truly exclusive and refined look. Bandeau style bikinis can come with molded or lined cups and also with removable neck or shoulder straps.

The molded bandeau top is made of light foamy fabric and has a preformed shape which offers bust enhancement and contours your natural shape. The great advantage that comes with this style is the added support even when you wear it strapless. Another plus is the even and beautiful tan you’ll get on your shoulders and back, so you don’t have to worry about tan lines when wearing a bandeau style top or dress.

Another flattering and fashionable style is the push-up top swimsuit. This sensational and highly seductive design appeals to a large verity of tastes and shapes and is guaranteed to bring you the ultimate perfect fit that is both glamorous and comfortable.

It’s the ideal solution for those who wish to enhance their décolleté and it has the effect of adding almost one extra size. The cups have underwires for added support and are preformed (molded) of a light foamy fabric that will round and enhance your natural shape. Most push-up swimsuits have inner pockets with extra removable padding which greatly increases proportions.

The most widely spread design is the triangle top swimsuit. The classic triangle bikini has double lined cups sliding on a string which ties around your bust line. This sweet and dynamic style is perfect for a casual day at the beach when you just want to get the perfect tan. Although traditionally suitable for those with small breasts, today there are triangle shaped bathing suits that thanks to an internal support structure and perfected design, offer great wearability and support for any size and shape. This specific style is called molded triangle top swimsuit. This great invention is a unique combination that offers both push-up effect, contoured natural shape and perfect tanning! The cups are molded but don’t have any removable padding which means little water absorption, fast drying and stable shape.

In the end, we have the halter top swimsuits. This chic and comfortable style can also have molded or double lined cups. The preformed, stiff cups offer great support for big breasts along with shape contouring and bust enhancement. It’s also more comfortable to wear then a push-up bra because it doesn’t have underwires. A halter top bikini is your best choice for an active lifestyle, swimming and beach sports.

Jolidon Fashion online boutique
offers a large variety of these different swimwear styles and our goal is to help you find the perfect swimsuit that reflects your individual style, enhances your natural beauty and inspires self confidence. Our unique and glamorous collection of women’s beachwear has fresh alluring styles available every day, every season, every occasion to make you look fabulous!

Sexy Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Isn’t it nice to have a holiday that celebrates LOVE?
It’s now time for love, lust, passion and commitment…, and every one of us should take the advantage to show feelings and desires they have for others in the most extraordinary way possible.

And why not show yourself a little love by indulging in a luxurious and seductive piece of lingerie that will make you feel precious and beautiful. Uncontestable, February 14th is Valentine's day, when lovers would add a little more spice and sugar to their relationship with intimate moments elaborately prepared to show their romantic…, or wild side.

What better way to “turn the heat up” in this special winter day, than to wear very sexy lingerie?
Famous clothing apparel like Jolidon Fashion features a collection of luxurious women’s lingerie, apart from the casual underwear we wear every day. These flirtatious pieces of lingerie are made of soft and silky fabrics such as tule, satin and lace which are meant to be smooth on a woman’s skin and to a man’s touch.

So, when all you wear is just a tiny piece of material…, here is how to enhance your charm and mystery…
There is the chemise, camisole or babydoll, which can create a tantalizing feeling among men, especially the ones that are translucent…, the perfect combination of soft light and transparency will reveal your beautiful curves. The same can be said with the corset which is a cross between the camisole and brassiere. These body-hugging undergarments reveal a woman’s shapely figure and can turn even a chubby lady into someone voluptuous.

Of course there is the brassiere and panty combination. The brassiere cups are especially designed to reveal more cleavage and enhance your natural beauty. These lingerie sets come in unique designs and are guaranteed to keep your lover’s appetite and curiosity to see more.

Teddies are the ultimate seduction tool…, if you dare. The extremely seductive cutout design, combined with luxurious lace and exclusive Swarovski accessories will give you the sophisticated and feminine look you want for this special occasion. The discreet, yet teasing front unsnap hook is a great improvement from the well known crotch opening and a lot better fitting, especially for thong teddies. The colors vary from rich red to glamorous purple, sensual ivory and classic black.

All in all, sexy and seductive lingerie can help get a man’s passion burning. Think of yourself as a long waited present and the lingerie as the wrapper. The design is so elaborate, it will make a man want to be interested in knowing what’s inside and there is the added thrill of opening his “present.”

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