The High-Waist Swimwear Trend

High Waist SwimwearTrending now: The High-Waist Swimwear Trend
From the runway to the red carpet the high-waist fashion trend has accelerated from shirts, shorts, pants, and now High-Waist Swimwear. Of course the year 2012 did not invent this retro style, the 1950’s inspired this tasteful, classic style.

The chic 1950’s pin-up style featured in many collections today show the illusions of elongated torsos and long legs. The high-waist bottoms give extra coverage to the midriff allowing for this sexy, slimming torso. Whether the suit is a monokini, one-piece, or a bikini, the accentuated curves and hourglass figures give an ideal swimsuit for any occasion.

Pair this chic look with a floppy hat and a pair of over sized sunglasses for a classy day at the shore!
High-Waist Swimsuit                
                     Jeweled High-Waist One-Piece                 Animal Print High-Waist Swimsuit

The Floral Print Swimwear Trend

Floral Swimsuit
Floral Bikini
The Floral Print Swimwear Trend: Sexy by Nature

Blossoming floral prints are seen throughout many swimwear collections today. The colorful but natural tones of the floral print’s trend give a finished touch of feminism and sex appeal. Fusions of flowers printed on a luscious styled bikini, monokini, or one piece mixed with a day at the beach provide the perfect combination for a stylish occasion.

There is rarely a need to accessorize with a floral print swimsuit as the combinations of colors and patterns complete the trendy outfit.

Broaden your wardrobe and give the natural floral look a try as it will be a staple for any outing.


Jolidon Fashion


Top Ten Most Sexy Swimsuits of 2012!

Top Ten Most Sexy Swimsuits - 2012 Swimwear Collection.

Jolidon Fashion Swimwear has narrowed down and picked their Top Ten Most Sexy Swimsuits from this year’s swimwear collection. These bold, luscious looks have deemed them this title for our 2012 swimwear collection.

Click on each swimsuit title to view product details, available sizes and pricing information.

Sexy Monokinis

1. Prelude’sTorrid Plunge Cutout Monokini Swimsuit

Rated the Most Sexy Monokini Swimsuit of our 2012 collection, the Torrid Plunge Cutout Monokini offers a front deep V lowered to its bottoms, and an open back. The colors and patterns captivate the eyes with dark chocolate and golden swirls and pinstripes.

 Sexy Swimsuits2. Jolidon’s Hypnotizing Black One Piece Bathing Suit

Sexy cutouts and straps lacing the body result in the sexiest one-piece swimsuit offered. This unique style offers gold jewels in the front and a bare, sexy back.

Most Sexy Swimsuit3. Sculpted White Push-Up One Piece Swimsuit

This bright white embellished one piece swimsuit has caught our eye from the beginning- its glowing white fabrics and its seductive side cut outs show every curve. Feel like a goddess in this slimming, shape enhancing most sexy swimsuit!

Sexy Bikinis4. Jeweled Push Up Swimsuit

The most sexy bikini this 2012 summer is the Pink Jeweled Push Up by Jolidon. The maximum bust enhancement defines sexy this beach season. The top and bottom are studded with Swarovski crystals which glisten in the sun’s gleaming rays.

Sexy Monokini5. Faddy High Waist Monokini Swimsuit

This sexy monokini raises the standard…or at least the waistline! Prelude’s Faddy High Waist Monokini caresses the silhouette and elongates the torso with its black bottom. The splashed animal print design on top comes together with a gorgeous gold clasp. Seductive and slimming, this high waist suit gives a new meaning to sex appeal.

Sexy Plunge Swimsuit6. Jeweled Plunge Monokini Swimsuit

The fabric wraps irresistibly around the torso and the hips and is finished with a sparkling brooch. If that’s not tempting enough, its backless design gives a revealing beauty. This monokini is a silky-sexy trend that has become a favorite this beach season.

Sexy Swimwear7. Extreme Bandeau Bikini by Jolidon

Unlike any other swimsuit, this sexy bikini set offers a V-neck bandeau top that reveals a touch of cleavage through the push-up cups. The sexy, yet sophisticated look offered by this unique strapless top design top affirms there is a touch of sexy swimwear offered from a unique flare.

Sexy Bikini8. Hot Ruffled Bikini Swimsuit

We believe the Ruffled Sexy Bikini Swimsuit gives attention to your gorgeous silhouette.The voluptuous bust enhancing halter top layered with rose petals is sure to show sex appeal.

Sexy Bathing Suit9. BluePush-up Padded Bikini

Lilly’s Blue Push-Up has chic flare with a touch of sensuality. The top and bottom are embellished with gold chain-like metals. This Sexy Two Piece Bathing Suit  earned its popularity through its sexy simplicity, shimmery fabric and very flattering silhouette.

Sexy One Piece Swimsuit10. Tiger Print Cutout Monokini Swimsuit

10th most sexy, but most unique is revealed to be Jolidon’s Tiger Print Monokini. Animal print is a never-fail, sensual swimsuit. With a preformed bust enhancing bandeau top, a fully lined open back, and a centered metal embellishment, this sexy one-pece swimsuit comes together to be one of the sexiest tiger print swimsuits this year.

Visit Jolidon Fashion for these sexy styles and many new arrivals!

Beach Essentials!

Beach accessories

 Do you have many beach plans this summer? - Don’t forget to pack these essential items!

Jolidon fashion’s Reversible Push Up Swimsuit is shown here. There’s no need to mix and match with this bikini because it can be worn two ways. The bright blue top and the multicolor printed bottoms provide many options of color in your beach accessories. We chose the cool ocean blue theme to give a complete relaxation feel to your day.

The sun is scorching and you begin to think about how bad of a burn you will be feeling the next morning if you spend another minute under those hot hot rays!Add an umbrella and sunscreen to your checklist. Staying out of the sun will not only prevent sunburn but it will also prevent multiple health problems in the future!

Read a book, read your favorite magazine, or pop on your sunglasses and take a small nap. RELAX!


-Jolidon Fashion

Sail Away in Style!

sailing swimsuit

Doing any boating this summer? Hit the Seas in Luxury!

Jolidon Fashion has the perfect yachting attire to match any sailing adventure. Pack your bags with the basic stylish necessities and don’t forget one of our enticing swimsuits for your hot journey!

Our Luxury Yachting bathing suit By Rebecca offers a top with gold, white, and blue curved stripes. The top also offers maximum enhancement with push up cups gradually padded.

The Sailor Print push up by Rebecca has a very similar design but has a sexy front tie and two side ties on the bottoms.

Our Navy Dare Push Up by Jolidon offers a sexy bold blue top and bottom with gold accessories. The amazing bust enhancement and the side tie bottoms makes the suit harmonizing.

Cover up with Rebecca’s Blue Silk Chain Top! Whether it be during the day or at night, this boating friendly top keeps you cool. The gold chain around the neck adds a splash of luxury.

 It’s the perfect time of the year to head out to sea. Bring your inner sailor out with these luxury styles!

Summer of turquoise!

Turquoise swimwear

It’s the summer of turquoise!

This beach season has everyone wearing the brightest and most dazzling array of swimwear. One of the more popular colors shows to be turquoise! This ocean blue and sea foam green mix of color is perfect for any bikini. Our new arrivals have turquoise flourishing everywhere. Turquoise gives a seaside appeal and looks great with lush amounts of color. Turquoise (or teal) has been known to be very versatile and to make a bold-sexy statement.

When accessorizing with turquoise, one would select natural colors such as light browns or a matte cream. Turquoise can be paired with a bold coral or pink color. While pairing accessories in our suites, we chose these colors. These colors give swimwear a lively and a spirited look that lightens the mood. Throwing in a coral bangle and coral or pink patterned beach tote gives noticeable style to any swimsuit. Put your sunglasses on and slide on your sandals to finish this perfect beach outfit.

Our Blue Jeweled Cutout Monokini Swimsuit has performed bust enhancing cups and sensual revealing cutouts. The shimmering Italian Lycra, polyamide, and elastin material will give you stylish comfort. Take advantage of our swimwear at

Summer of turquoise! by jolidonfashion featuring cabochon jewelry

Gold sandals

Kate spade tote

Cabochon jewelry

Grace Hats brimmed hat

Lancôme nail polish

Liv sunglasses | Banana Republic

Julie Henderson- Wearing Rebecca Swimwear!

Rebecca Swimwear
Sports Illustrated Photo Shoot - Julie Henderson, wearing Rebecca Luxury Swimwear

The beautiful Julie Henderson modeled a Rebecca swimsuit in the Sports Illustrated 2012 swimsuit edition. Her grace, beauty and elegance shine through in this photo. The Lush Leather-Like Blue bikini that she flaunts here features a push-up top that gives a gradual lift and ties with a playful tassel. She also sported the matching low rise scoop bottom. This suit gave her sexy figure confidence. We were delighted to spot Ms. Henderson in one of our favorite swimsuit lines!

Julie Henderson began modeling when she moved to New York at the young age of 16. She was originally born in Houston, Texas. Julie’s modeling career brought her opportunities to model in magazines such as Glamour, Self, Teen Vogue, Elle, and Elle Girl. Being featured in the 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition further publicized her career. Her accomplishments have made her a force to be reckoned with at just 26 years old.
Jolidon Fashion features the latest and most trendy swimwear and beachwear from the Rebecca luxury line. Other designer lines include Jolidon and Prelude swimwear.

July 4th Swimwear Accessorizing!

July 4th Swimwear

Accessorize your 4th of July Swimwear! Accessories give the final touch to any outfit. A pop of color can give a new look. Whether you have a red, white and blue bikini or you're going with just a single one of those colors, you can accessorize to give the outfit a chic flare.

A beach bag is always a staple to any beach outfit. Making the beach bag red and white will give it versatility to match this holiday and any other sunny day on the water. The perfect beach-like wedges will have the same effect on your outfit combination.

A bright red cuff with a flash of gold will give a splash of color at your waterside 4th of July party.
Remember, if you have not decided on the perfect July 4th outfit, Jolidon Fashion designer beachwear will have you matching at best with grace, style, and elegance! Receive $15 off your entire order when you purchase with the promo code JULY4.

Happy 4th of July!

100 Days of Summer

Sexy Swimwear
Summer has just begun! June 20th 2012 has not only brought the longest days of the year but also has given a reason for the sun to be shining and the heat waves to be beaming. Excitement is flourishing and everyone’s crave to be outdoors has never been greater.

Outdoor activities are endless during the summer season. Spending your extra hours of the summer day at the beach or the lake makes for a simple activity. You have about 100 days of summer each year. How will you spend them?
Be active! Go for a bike ride, take a hike, or go for a swim! Whether you live inland or by the sea, you have 100 days to create your own liveliness outdoors and reap summer’s gift of that gorgeous sun-kissed look! Make the most of your 100 days and live it to the fullest!

Whether your planning a beach vacation or just a day of fun in the sun, pack your favorite sexy swimwear and enjoy 100 days of summer!

Celebrate in Style this Fourth of July!

This perfect sizzling summer weather makes for a great excuse to celebrate July Forth by the pool or at the beach.  Dress to impress with Jolidon’s red, white, and blue swim attire. We have many suits to choose from to make you stand out upon the heavy holiday crowd.

Dress in style and on a budget! Jolidon is offering $15 off your purchase when you use the promo code: July4 ! And as always, receive free shipping to all  US & Canada orders!

Designer Swimwear
Our Rebecca line offers a  Sexy Striped Push-Up Top Swimsuit. This suit has patriotic blue and white stripes outlined with red straps and side ties. Bright gold follows the red outline giving this suit an extra piece of luxury. The blue stripes can easily been seen shimmering in the sun as the soft Lycra material forms this suit. 

The top has a red and gold curving cut-out around the bust leading to a front tie. The bikini top's under wire helps to sculpt the bust and provide an obvious enhancement. Rebecca's luxurious push-up gives your silhouette a natural confidence. 

The matching red, white and blue top and bottoms make this bikini perfect for the gathering this season!

Chain-Printed Designer Swimwear

Designer Swimwear
Chain-Printed Push Up Designer Swimsuit

Few things cause a sensual chain reaction at the shore: Hot sand, glistening oil, svelte bodies and sultry fashion— designer swimwear fashion, that is.

Make heads turn in this season’s sophisticated swimwear standout: Chain Print Swimwear.

Swimwear trends for 2012 are back to beauty basics with clean lines, bold strapping, chiseled cutouts, retro revivals, and vibrant or simple colors infused with ample amounts of print flair. Printed swimwear of every variety is making a splash in fashion circles just in time for summer. Be the first fashionista (in your circle) to smolder seaside in this popular chain print look.


Bodacious buckles, luscious links, sultry straps, charms, and chains inspire this chain print swimwear fashion trend. Chain print patterns can be simple or intricate and feature interlocking, alternating chains and links. These elements can be subtle or bold, or a unique combination of the two.

Latest Beach Fashion

Push Up Swimsuit
Papaya Push Up swimsuit

Make June even hotter with these fresh and glamorous beach fashion looks. Summer’s great weather is here and there’s no time to wait! Get ready for your next beach day with a new, sensuous, bold bathing suit!

Fresh, tropical colors will instantly put you in a summer-getaway state of mind. Just add water! Check out this Papaya Laser Cut Push Up Swimwear Set from Jolidon.

2012 Swimwear
Swarovski Embellished Taupe Monokini

White Swimwear

Whether you wear it head to heels or add one single, show-stopping piece, work white into your summer look one way or another. Its stark, clean elegance is the coolest way to look your very hottest. White Swimwear means White Done Right! Shop White Designer Swimsuits on

Underwire Swimsuits


Along with tummy control and great bun coverage, bra support is probably the most requested feature in swimwear design. Missy swimwear tends to be constructed with this support in mind because this customer demands a bit of "help" when it comes to feeling good in a swimsuit. That's why you see more underwire swimsuits in this category than in any other.

However, the underwire feature in a bathing suit top can be desired for numerous and different reasons: to support large breasts, to lift and shape not so perfect breasts and to enhance bust size for smaller breasts. To all appearances, underwire support is needed from a practical stand point as well as an esthetic interest.

Considering all various purposes for wearing a supportive top swimsuit, many different underwire swimsuits have been developed.
Looking at the support level, underwire swimsuits categorize in light, medium and extra support types.
The light support underwire swimsuit provides less coverage, has a soft lining system, delicate straps and allows for an easy and flexible fit.
The medium support underwire swimsuit comes with moderate coverage, medium lining system, customized straps and offers a classic push up top fit.
The extra support underwire swimsuit provides more coverage, extra lining system, comfort straps and provides maximum support.

Even though the underwire swimsuit has been around for a long time, the latest swimwear designs bring new shapes and styles to fit every women’s needs and bring you the confident look you’ve been searching for in a top quality swimsuit.

Browse our unique and exclusive selection of underwire and push up swimsuits, bikinis and monokinis at

Special Spring Sale Event at Jolidon Swimwear

2012 swimwear

Dive-in and treat-yourself with our newest 2012 Designer Swimsuits - all handpicked by our fashion trends gurus especially for you.

We are offering a limited time sale on all items for Jolidon swimwear lovers everywhere. Take an extra $10 off your purchase with promo code "SPRING"!

FREE SHIPPING on all US and Canada orders is included. $6.95 for Standard International shipping.

We've got the latest 2012 Swimwear Collection for every shape and every taste.

Shop Enjoy!

Dazzling in Pink Bikinis!


A sexy, feel-good swimwear choice for your spring break getaway!

This dazzling Pink Bikini Swimsuit by Jolidon is sure to bring sunshine and cheer to your beach getaway.
The preformed push up cups with underwire and removable padding shapes and enhances your bust attractively while the striped design creates the mirage of bigger, rounder breasts.

Wear it with simple chic accessories and a white cover up for a stylish beachside look.

Browse our unique and exclusive selection of sexy bikini swimsuits at

Monokini Swimsuits


Monokini Swimsuits are trendy this season and we’ll give you a glamorous and sophisticated pool side pose.
The cutout sides create the illusion of a longer, leaner line, flattering instantly. Most cutout monokini swimsuits have preformed push-up cups that enhance, shape and support your bust in a natural and comfortable way.
The best part about cutout monokini swimsuits is that it covers the lower abdomen area, where most women need a bit of help when it comes to feeling good in a swimsuit. It’s the best camouflage technique because it does not hide a women’s body but moves attention to other areas, as the sensual plunging neckline and revealing cutouts.
Wear it with simple-chic accessories for a refined and puzzling beachside look.

Browse our unique selection of Cutout Monokini Swimsuits at

Bandeau Swimsuits


Did you know Bandeau Swimsuits are not just trendy and charming but flattering? Our preformed bandeau style bathing suits will shape and enhance your bust in a natural and comfortable way. The preformed cups are made of a light and soft foam-like fabric that dries fast and maintains shape during wear. Most bandeau swimsuits have a detachable halter strap for added support.
Bandeau Swimsuits are very fashionable this summer, easy to style with different cover ups and kaftans and minimize tan lines!
Browse our unique collection of bandeau swimsuits at

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