Style, Fashion and Body Tips

For every woman, there is no better expert that a smart designer who can help us wrap our heads around the latest trends and provide insight into making things work for our bodies, lifestyle, budget… for ourselves. Here, I searched magazines, shows and designer stories to bring you tips for building a brilliant and effective wardrobe.

1. Great style means having a point of view, but evolving your look is even more important. Rushing to embrace every trend will leave fashionable, but not stylish.
2. Combine covered arms with bare legs; classic trousers with plunging necklines; conservative dresses with an extravagant shoe.
3. Buy tailored jackets, coats, dresses and pants in neutral colors.
4. Have everything tailored. The way something fits makes all the difference.

Exclusive European Lingerie

black-sheer-lace-bodyFor rendezvous or sheer delight
Or champagne sips by candlelight
Expressions of a tempting Belle
Draped and donned in sensual ware
--Exclusive European Lingerie by Jolidon

Enter the Fashion House of Jolidon – a place where the contemporary Belle is free to express her sensuality in whichever way she may choose. We cater to “THE OPEN SECRET” that every woman will reveal her passionate femininity if given the opportunity and lingerie of exceptional quality. It is this revelation that we celebrate with an ode to the female form.

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