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Introducing You to Rebecca Designer Swimwear

I must say one of my favorite designer swimwear of all time is definitely Rebecca.
Rebecca Designer Swimsuits have a very unique look, which WILL make you stand out either you’re on the beach, the pool area or just showing off to your honey. So I feel that it’s my duty to introduce you to this wonderful brand and tell You all about it, so you can enjoy this Trendy Beachwear with me.

REBECCA as a brand and company name was born in 1990.In the early years their sales were concentrated on the domestic market and the surrounding countries, but due to the expansive distribution strategy today Rebecca branded products are sold on every continent, in more than 30 countries worldwide. Rebecca Swimwear uses the finest Italian Sensitive fabrics. It gives you great comfortability and is pleasant to wear, it also is ultra fine and extremely light which guarantees exceptional wearability and elegance without losing elasticity and shape. What I also like about Sensitive fabrics is its easy care which makes it very practical and resistant to washing, keeping its colour and shape intact. One of the other best features that i personally love about Rebecca is that it provides Muehlmeier German Cups. For those of You whom are not familiar with Muehlmeier brand it has been around for decades, since 1949 to be exact. MUEHLMEIER is the specialist for perfect fit, even for 3D-cups, complex shapes and big cup sizes. Proven continuity of qualitative materials, reliable service, new production techniques and innovations make customers regularly 100% satisfied with the company’s final products. The MUEHLMEIER Group is also considered a pioneer in its field, devising and developing manufacturing techniques that have enabled the production of 3D Bodyshaping Elements. What is also really cool about this brand that you can actually mold your own cups and make them the color you like. You can research more information about them at One more thing I simply must have to mention is Rebecca gorgeous Swarovski embellishments, it definitely makes these Designer Swimsuits even more Unique and Top Quality that You deserve.

All in all I have to say Rebecca Fashion Swimwear lives up to it’s mission "We Do Not Follow, but Create Fashion!"

As a true Fashionista I can totally admit that Rebecca Designer Swimsuits are a definite diamond in the rough, and a total must have in your beachwear.

You can purchase Rebecca Swimsuits and similar Designer Swimwear/ Sexy Lingerie at
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And if You'r still interested in getting to know this product more check out it’s official web page at

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