Sexy Lingerie Gifts at Jolidon Fashion

The holiday season is fast approaching and you should be already looking for the perfect gift for your life partner. Besides things that they may want or need, think about a surprise lingerie gift! Honestly, a nice sexy piece of lingerie is the perfect tool to bring the calmness and happiness of the holiday season. It’s the best way to say that all you wish is to spend time and enjoy your partner’s company… and this is the ultimate gift that every person, man or women needs.
This sounds good, but of course, choosing the perfect piece of lingerie that will flatter, enhance and be to their liking is not an easy task.

Fashion Teddies

Let us be honest- almost every and any woman loves to feel and look sexy, regardless if it is for your partner or for yourself. From my point of view- as soon as you put on a sexy teddy, you just get that sense of confidence that makes you feel like the 'Queen that You are'. I have to say that one of the greatest things about designer teddies is that they are for different shapes and sizes, and also come in different styles, colours and materials, which lets you chose what fits your personality best and feels comfortably on your body. So let me get in to more detail about designer teddies.

Fashion Demi-Bra (Balconette Bra)

Two words - Absolutely Fantastic! Demi-bras, also called "balconette bras", are a half-cup bra style with wide-set straps and a horizontal bust line. These bras promote cleavage and gives a frame-like effect. It may be designed to provide lift like push-up bras also.

I LOVE fashion demi-bras! In my opinion, they are better than any other bra out there, simply because a demi bra is a half-cup style that gives the illusion of a bigger bust, (which is perfect for smaller bust women). It can never come out of your shirt, so you don't have to worry about looking down and checking if a little part of your bra is showing.

Fashion Designer Lingerie

Fashion Designer Lingerie by Jolidon is especially created to bring out a women’s sensuality and femininity. Our designer lingerie combines the latest fashion trends, innovative design and top quality fabrics to create a garment of impeccable fit and quality that will make you look and feel sexy, glamorous and comfortable.
Check out Jolidon's latest designer lingerie items at, YOUR ONLINE LUXURY FASHION DESTINATION!

Designer Swimwear with Geometric Designs

Jolidon Designer Swimwear just keeps on adding new and exciting swimwear designs on their collection almost every month! They do not stop on giving in to their customers craving for delightful eye-candy swimsuit.

Savor the sun with this alternating black and white geometric designs. This push-up top with a thick band for its bikini will make any women look gorgeous on the beach.

With a haltered upper covering, this circle print monokini looks absolutely stunning and a great way to break away from the monotony of bikini.

Circle shaped design with great colors, what a wonderful fabric for a triangle bikini top. The fully lined bikini bottom will give the wearer a secure feeling of beauty and sophistication.

To add glamor, a gold ring attaches one cup to the other. It creates an illusion of sexiness and the aura of elegance.

Designer Monokini Swimsuits

Designer monokinis are always in season, from Milan’s catwalks to New York’s catwalks. More so, even the hottest celebrities are always showing off their unique sense of style in a curvaceous, mind-boggling monokinis!

Let’s be honest, a monokini is definitely not like a two-piece or one-piece swimsuit that you could put on with flip-flops. Designer Monokini is a fashion statement that you present in your own unique way to the outside world, whether it’s at the pool area, beach or maybe even a boat party. It’s rare to see (well actually never really seen) that a monokini would be used for volleyball playing or making sand castles on the beach. A monokini is strictly to show off your beautiful body curves, sense of style and getting the attention you deserve.

The actual definition of a monokini is a woman's one-piece garment comprising only the lower half of a bikini leaving the breasts uncovered. The word monokini is also used for any topless swimsuit, usually any swimwear bottom worn without a top, it’s also known to be called a unikini. Like all swimsuits, the monokini bottom part of the swimsuit can be many different forms. Some have a g-string style rear, while others provide full coverage back. The bottom of the monokini may be high cut, reaching to the waist, or may be a much lower cut, exposing the belly button. In 2000s, the word monokini changed its definition (not literally) to pretty much meaning a two piece bikini “outfit”.

Monokinis itself are very unique, but besides that you can chose different styles, prints, decorative chain pieces, beads or materials that you would enjoy wearing and showing off. You can also choose your designer monokini to have a push up top, halter top, bandeau top, deep plunge, strapless or even have an underwire. In my opinion, people can’t misjudge a monokini, just because there’s so many different types of them out there. Everyone has their own sense of style and whatever you decide to choose is surely going to be a unique piece and will be able to stand out for it’s different types of reasons. Honestly, I think that one of the best qualities a monokini has is that most of them show off your curves or basically have open sides and hide the belly. There’s nothing better than being able to look sexy and not worry about trying to cover up those extra few pounds that all us women are uncomfortable with showing.

In my conclusion, all you need is your choice of a designer monokini swimsuit, show off your sexy confidence, and be the sun goddess you are! Don’t forget, just because you can’t afford to buy 100’s of different designer monokinis, you can't accessorize yourself with wrist bangles, huge sunglasses, a big hat, some high heels and with those things, your monokini will never look the same!

Designer Swimsuit

Designer Swimwear for women with impeccable tastes.

Swimsuit Summer Sale 2010

At Jolidon Fashion, we always offer discounts!
Visit our online store to choose from a wide variety of designer swimsuits and
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This offer ends at the 15th of August, 2010.
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Introducing You to Rebecca Designer Swimwear

I must say one of my favorite designer swimwear of all time is definitely Rebecca.
Rebecca Designer Swimsuits have a very unique look, which WILL make you stand out either you’re on the beach, the pool area or just showing off to your honey. So I feel that it’s my duty to introduce you to this wonderful brand and tell You all about it, so you can enjoy this Trendy Beachwear with me.

REBECCA as a brand and company name was born in 1990.In the early years their sales were concentrated on the domestic market and the surrounding countries, but due to the expansive distribution strategy today Rebecca branded products are sold on every continent, in more than 30 countries worldwide. Rebecca Swimwear uses the finest Italian Sensitive fabrics. It gives you great comfortability and is pleasant to wear, it also is ultra fine and extremely light which guarantees exceptional wearability and elegance without losing elasticity and shape. What I also like about Sensitive fabrics is its easy care which makes it very practical and resistant to washing, keeping its colour and shape intact. One of the other best features that i personally love about Rebecca is that it provides Muehlmeier German Cups. For those of You whom are not familiar with Muehlmeier brand it has been around for decades, since 1949 to be exact. MUEHLMEIER is the specialist for perfect fit, even for 3D-cups, complex shapes and big cup sizes. Proven continuity of qualitative materials, reliable service, new production techniques and innovations make customers regularly 100% satisfied with the company’s final products. The MUEHLMEIER Group is also considered a pioneer in its field, devising and developing manufacturing techniques that have enabled the production of 3D Bodyshaping Elements. What is also really cool about this brand that you can actually mold your own cups and make them the color you like. You can research more information about them at One more thing I simply must have to mention is Rebecca gorgeous Swarovski embellishments, it definitely makes these Designer Swimsuits even more Unique and Top Quality that You deserve.

All in all I have to say Rebecca Fashion Swimwear lives up to it’s mission "We Do Not Follow, but Create Fashion!"

As a true Fashionista I can totally admit that Rebecca Designer Swimsuits are a definite diamond in the rough, and a total must have in your beachwear.

You can purchase Rebecca Swimsuits and similar Designer Swimwear/ Sexy Lingerie at
Also add Rebecca to Your Facebook account for new and upcoming Designer Swimsuit collections at
And if You'r still interested in getting to know this product more check out it’s official web page at

Designer Swimwear 4th of July Sale!!!


We Here at Jolidon Fashion Are all About Your Happiness!!! So We Have Decided to Start The Celebration Early and Give You These Stunning Designer Swimsuits for Less! Either it's a Sexy Bikini, Unique Monokini, A Full Coverage Swimsuit, Two Piece Elegant Bathing Suit, Gorgeous Beach Wear or Luxurious Lingerie- You Will Be Getting a 10% Discount off of Your Final Sale AND since This a Celebration We're giving you a Free Gift of Your choice and size Pantie By Jolidon. We are Talking a Sexy Thong, Full Bottom Coverage Underwear, or a Everyday String that comes in black, white or nude color!

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Swimsuit Sale On The 4th of July!

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Swimsuit Trend 2010

There has got to be something special about the beach that fascinates women, and so Jolidon Fashion gives to women the beachwear that will enhance their exquisiteness, while basking under the sun.

This enchanting Yellow Kaftan Dress by Rebecca is the perfect cover for your beach vacation. The enticing above-the-knee design will make any woman glamorous in any occasion. It has got a removable waist band and a fashionable metal ring accessory at the back. The fabric is made from Italian silk.

Swimsuit Spring Sale!

Swimsuit and Lingerie Spring Sale up to 50% discounts!
Plus Enjoy Worldwide FREE Shipping up to May 15, 2010.
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Travelling The World Well

Intimate yachts that sail to ports that larger ships cannot visit.
Staff who customize everything from in-suite amenities to excursions ashore.
Adventures so personal, experiences so in-depth, they truly become part of you.
If this sounds like your type of vacationing, chose the Yachts of Seabourn. This is the world, traveled well.

Experienced travelers know – cruising with the Yachts of Seabourn unfolds a wondrous, panoramic world. Every enchanting evening onboard, every exciting excursion ashore, is woven into a rich tapestry of exotic senses and stories.
With nearly one staff member per guest, it’s not surprising that Seabourn’s service has been ranked as the best of the best.

Time off ship is equally indulgent, as excursions made possible by smaller yachts mean guests are not simply closer to shore, but closer to the local customs and people. Far beyond the usual tourist stops, Seabourn’s excursions offer cultural immersion – informed and enhanced by local experts and private expeditions.
One may also enjoy the companionship of fellow guests. The Yachts of Seabourn attract fascinating people: guests with wide-ranging experiences, eager to share their tales. Good company and camaraderie are crucial components of travelling well, and some of the great rewards of Seabourn Yachting Life.

These differences make yachting with Seabourn more then travel. Rather, they define traveling well. That’s a concept worthy of much further exploration…
If cruising is in your schedule this summer, make sure you add a few luxurious pieces of swimwear and vaporous summer dresses to your wardrobe.

Jolidon Fashion online boutique brings together elegance, sophistication quality and comfort.

Swimsuit That Suits You

Beach Season is biting and you should have no excuse to miss the fun and sun this year! Find the perfect swimsuit that suits your shape and taste and enjoy beach vacations, boat cruises, pool parties or simply tanning in your quiet and relaxing porch.

Sounds easy enough but if your busy schedule interferes with both getting in shape and shopping, you may wish you had a personal shopper for swimwear… Well, now you do! These swimsuits are handpicked for real bodies, featuring flattering cuts, trendy designs and suck-you-in fabrics. The perfect fit – without ever entering a fitting room.

SLIMMING ONE-PIECE SWIMSUIT – Suitable for large bust, full hips and tummy.
This ultra feminine bathing suit provides ample support thanks to a high cut back, shoulder straps, underwires and carefully crafted cups. The classic and chic black and white design flatters and enhances your curves.

CURVE-BOOSTING HALTER SWIMSUIT – Suitable for straight figure.
Natural-looking push-up padding and halter ties enhance the chest, while the bottom sits low on the hips creating the illusion of width.

HIP-SLIMMING BANDEAU SWIMSUIT – Suitable for full hips.
Molded cups boost the bust and as a result balance the lower half. The adjustable brief offers just-right coverage for a higher or lower fit.

BUST-ENHANCING PUSH-UP SWIMSUIT – Suitable for straight figure, enhances bustline.
This beautifully ruched top enhances your bustline in a sensual and subtle way. The perfectly molded cups with gradual padding increase your cup size and contour your natural shape. The chic and sensual side bow highlights the hips.

BODY-SHAPING ONE-PIECE SWIMSUIT – Suitable for full figure.
This impeccable crafted bathing suit sculpts out an alluring figure with the help of a controlling liner, perfectly molded cups, and delicate draping.

BUST-SHAPING TWO-PIECE BATHING SUIT – Suitable for large chest.
Molded cups without padding lift and separate to provide ample bust support. Adjustable straps offer a personalized fit.

BODY-SHAPING TWO PIECE SWIMSUIT – Suitable for medium chest and full hips.
The perfectly molded cups and removable shoulder straps provide maximum support while enhancing and contouring your bustline. The medium cut brief provides enough coverage to shape and minimize your hip line.

SLEEK YET ENHANCING CUT – Suitable for small chest.
The unique and highly fashionable cut offered by this eye-catching bandeau swimsuit help define the bust. Molded cups subtly enhance and curve your bustline.

Visit Jolidon Fashion online store to wade through a gallery of more body flattering swimwear styles.

Push-up Camisole Bra & Silk Panties Set - On Sale!

This deeply sensual and refined push-up camisole and boxer lingerie set combines delicate lace, diaphanous silk chiffon and exquisite design to create a look that is mysterious and simply irresistible… a must have for a warm and sweet evening…

  • Push-up style cups with underwires - offer cleavage enhancement and support
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with delicate lace inserts
  • Boxer style panties
  • Made with high quality imported italian lace and chiffon fabrics.

  • The regular price is $149.00 but we've specially marked it down to $139.00!
    You can get this item at our online store.

    Sexy Summer Beachwear Dress Collection 2010

    From an alluring coverup to a sexy summer dress, you can make a stunning fashion statement with our Jolidon Fashion beautiful beachwear.

    Sensual and elegant summer dress made of high quality imported Italian Lycra. The glamorous front cutout design enriched by exclusive Swarovski jewelry will make you feel sophisticated and irresistible... especially designed to enhance your beauty and shape.

    This trendy and unique backless green dress is the perfect outfit to wear on a cruise or beach vacation! The exotic and sensual design combined with the light and luxurious fabric will make you feel stylish and sophisticated!

    This trendy and unique one-shoulder summer dress is the perfect outfit to wear on a cruise or beach vacation! The fresh and colorful design combined with the light and luxurious fabric will make you feel stylish and sophisticated!

    These wonderful beachwear dresses are available in our online store.

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