Travelling The World Well

Intimate yachts that sail to ports that larger ships cannot visit.
Staff who customize everything from in-suite amenities to excursions ashore.
Adventures so personal, experiences so in-depth, they truly become part of you.
If this sounds like your type of vacationing, chose the Yachts of Seabourn. This is the world, traveled well.

Experienced travelers know – cruising with the Yachts of Seabourn unfolds a wondrous, panoramic world. Every enchanting evening onboard, every exciting excursion ashore, is woven into a rich tapestry of exotic senses and stories.
With nearly one staff member per guest, it’s not surprising that Seabourn’s service has been ranked as the best of the best.

Time off ship is equally indulgent, as excursions made possible by smaller yachts mean guests are not simply closer to shore, but closer to the local customs and people. Far beyond the usual tourist stops, Seabourn’s excursions offer cultural immersion – informed and enhanced by local experts and private expeditions.
One may also enjoy the companionship of fellow guests. The Yachts of Seabourn attract fascinating people: guests with wide-ranging experiences, eager to share their tales. Good company and camaraderie are crucial components of travelling well, and some of the great rewards of Seabourn Yachting Life.

These differences make yachting with Seabourn more then travel. Rather, they define traveling well. That’s a concept worthy of much further exploration…
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Laura said...

Wow. Beautiful suits! And not over-the-top, either. WIsh I looked like those models, I'd go out RIGHT NOW and buy a few!!

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