Swimwear Fashion Trends for 2011

Between the sizzling solstice of June and the ensuing equinox of September, many will seek the forgiving, sculpting, and second skinsation of the perfect seaside apparel. Do you have what you seek? As tyrannical heat culminates into the climax of summer, rest assured that a bounty of style awaits you. Keep your fashion sense afloat with the latest Swimwear Fashion Trends for 2011 including Baby Glam, Precision, Botanical Wonderland, and the sultry Lady Astray.

Flirting with the edge of innocence, the Baby Glam swimwear trend is deceptively seductive, yet as playful as cake, and confetti! Bikini-hopefuls will choose from an array of light and airy fabrics splashed with a warm and sensual palette of soft tones and pastels. Designs will feature a host of ornate embellishments and finishing touches including jeweled accessories, ruffles, frills, froufrou, and other charismatic trimmings. Shop the Baby Glam Look on Jolidon Fashion.

Feisty and chiseled to perfection, the Precision swimwear trend seeks a harmonious, and ideal, balance of proportion through natural fabrics, vibrant prints, and the audacious architecture of body contour. Designs will depict sharp and pulsating geometric motifs, color blocking, preppy checks and stripes, and indelible plaids against a backdrop of natural fabrics.
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Enter a breathtaking realm where the Botanical Wonderland swimwear trend finds raw and uninhibited inspiration in the nexus of natural forms. Prints will pay homage to patterns of various flora and plant life, earthen shapes, animal prints, and reworked digital, photographic, and denatured concepts that feed candy to the eyes. Shop the Botanical Wonderland Look on Jolidon Fashion.

Truly a wayward damsel, the LADY ASTRAY swimwear trend exudes a retro-eccentric fusion of luxury and artistic prowess that is tempered with a touch of Missoni and 50’s flair. Designs will strike a unique and coveted fluidity between body, suit, and sea, with designs of bodacious painted flowers, beguiling jewel embellishments, and tempestuous experimentation with the ubiquity of color.
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Prepare for any occasion (be it beachside, poolside, or a fashion exposé) and the upcoming 2011 swimwear season with whichever trend you choose. As a fashion house of high-end designer swimwear, beachwear, and a luxurious and sensually inspired signature line of lingerie, Jolidon Fashion strives to meld the upscale boutique experience with the convenience and accessibility of an online marketplace. For questions regarding sizing, price, or product availability, please contact us here.



Tom said...

Wow, What a designs are available, All are thunder. These swimsuits really gives the best of looks and personality to the womens. They really increase their sexuality. And I really want to salute to the creativity of the designers of these swimsuits.

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Anonymous said...

These design are really cool. jolidon has good sense of fashion and designs. He knows whts suits the best according to women figure. Quality and color combination is also looking great... Good job!!!

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