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For every woman, there is no better expert that a smart designer who can help us wrap our heads around the latest trends and provide insight into making things work for our bodies, lifestyle, budget… for ourselves. Here, I searched magazines, shows and designer stories to bring you tips for building a brilliant and effective wardrobe.

1. Great style means having a point of view, but evolving your look is even more important. Rushing to embrace every trend will leave fashionable, but not stylish.
2. Combine covered arms with bare legs; classic trousers with plunging necklines; conservative dresses with an extravagant shoe.
3. Buy tailored jackets, coats, dresses and pants in neutral colors.
4. Have everything tailored. The way something fits makes all the difference.

5. For contrast, add something sleek or tailored over something brazen. For example, a tuxedo jacket over a ruffled dress.
6. Aviator sunglasses make any outfit look sexy and mysterious.
7. Bare metallic flat sandals go with everything from a bikini to a dress.
8. Find a celebrity with body shape, coloring and style and use it as a template for your wardrobe.
9. Join the metal brigade – chunky men’s watches, bold link bracelets and oversized rings are easy to wear with any outfit.
10. Trends are not laws. If a new style doesn’t work for your body and lifestyle, walk away.

Closet Essentials:
1. White tank or fitted white short sleeve tee.
2. Fitted long-sleeve blouse in white silk.
3. Skinny-leg white jeans.
4. Crisp dark denim jeans.
5. Trench in khaki or black.
6. Black cashmere V-neck cardigan.
7. Black pencil skirt.
8. Black sleeveless crewneck sheath.
9. Black lightweight-wool tailored pantsuit.
10. Several solid color lightweight scarves.

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