Sneak Peek at 2012 Designer Swimwear Trends

Designer Swimwear for the 2012 season definitely won’t appeal to the shrinking violet … though the flower’s bluish-purple hue will make a splash…
Swimwear lines are showcasing strong hues, colorful prints and daring silhouettes, while vintage looks continue to be expressed in new hot ways.
Designers love the rich shades of blues and greens mixed with white and then corals and saffron. Next season’s colors are exciting, whether they’re soft shades or bold colors.
At the same time, ditsy floral and romantic floral remain popular as well. “Kiki Couture”, a hot trend of 2012 features a diverse mix of ethnic themes, Hawaiian and Polynesian looks, played-up with ruffles and sea-inspired hardware such as corals, shells and even coconuts.
Pink, lime-green and plaids also show up in 2012 Swimwear Lines, expressing a “vintage upper class” trend featuring classic looks, monograms, stripes and plaids.

Nature-based prints also remain in demand. The types of prints used include abstract leaves, bird-feathers, butterflies wings and new takes of animal prints in unexpected colors.
Top silhouettes for the season are traditional halters, bandeaus, push-up triangles, fold over bottoms and tie-sides bikinis. The top story next season is the “return of the one-piece as a sexy garment”. One-shoulder, V-plunges and cutouts take center stage creating sophisticated looks.

At Jolidon Fashion, 2012 Designer Swimwear Collection might as well “have it all”. The new styles embody opulence, sophistication and elegance for a distinctive look in a variety of silhouettes, giving all women the possibility to feel beautiful in swimwear. The 2012 Collection will be available for purchase in January.

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