100 Days of Summer

Sexy Swimwear
Summer has just begun! June 20th 2012 has not only brought the longest days of the year but also has given a reason for the sun to be shining and the heat waves to be beaming. Excitement is flourishing and everyone’s crave to be outdoors has never been greater.

Outdoor activities are endless during the summer season. Spending your extra hours of the summer day at the beach or the lake makes for a simple activity. You have about 100 days of summer each year. How will you spend them?
Be active! Go for a bike ride, take a hike, or go for a swim! Whether you live inland or by the sea, you have 100 days to create your own liveliness outdoors and reap summer’s gift of that gorgeous sun-kissed look! Make the most of your 100 days and live it to the fullest!

Whether your planning a beach vacation or just a day of fun in the sun, pack your favorite sexy swimwear and enjoy 100 days of summer!

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