Beach Essentials!

Beach accessories

 Do you have many beach plans this summer? - Don’t forget to pack these essential items!

Jolidon fashion’s Reversible Push Up Swimsuit is shown here. There’s no need to mix and match with this bikini because it can be worn two ways. The bright blue top and the multicolor printed bottoms provide many options of color in your beach accessories. We chose the cool ocean blue theme to give a complete relaxation feel to your day.

The sun is scorching and you begin to think about how bad of a burn you will be feeling the next morning if you spend another minute under those hot hot rays!Add an umbrella and sunscreen to your checklist. Staying out of the sun will not only prevent sunburn but it will also prevent multiple health problems in the future!

Read a book, read your favorite magazine, or pop on your sunglasses and take a small nap. RELAX!


-Jolidon Fashion

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