Fashion Demi-Bra (Balconette Bra)

Two words - Absolutely Fantastic! Demi-bras, also called "balconette bras", are a half-cup bra style with wide-set straps and a horizontal bust line. These bras promote cleavage and gives a frame-like effect. It may be designed to provide lift like push-up bras also.

I LOVE fashion demi-bras! In my opinion, they are better than any other bra out there, simply because a demi bra is a half-cup style that gives the illusion of a bigger bust, (which is perfect for smaller bust women). It can never come out of your shirt, so you don't have to worry about looking down and checking if a little part of your bra is showing.

Balconette Bras come in different materials, styles and colors. I strive for uniqueness when it comes to my designer lingerie, so I really enjoy wearing this demi bra lingerie set- 

This particular set is made out of lace and has rich satin ruffles not only on the bra, but also on boyshort panties which gives it extra playfulness to it. It is super sexy and fits the body perfectly.
Though designer demi bras are definitely not for every occasion to wear, it makes your cleavage look very desirable which most of us, women, dream of. Make sure when you try any of these fashion demi bras on, it perfectly fits your bust, and take into consideration that a lot of sexy demi-bras cut the cup to 1" above the nipple point. So, please be careful what type of shirt you wear it under, that is of course, if you are planning on wearing anything over this one of a kind demi-lingerie set!!! *wink* =)

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