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Let us be honest- almost every and any woman loves to feel and look sexy, regardless if it is for your partner or for yourself. From my point of view- as soon as you put on a sexy teddy, you just get that sense of confidence that makes you feel like the 'Queen that You are'. I have to say that one of the greatest things about designer teddies is that they are for different shapes and sizes, and also come in different styles, colours and materials, which lets you chose what fits your personality best and feels comfortably on your body. So let me get in to more detail about designer teddies.

To whom that may not know what a teddy is, it is basically a form of bodysuit- like lingerie. Though unlike bodysuit, it is looser and easier to slip out of. There are two main types of teddies- the first one is morely designed for a sexual visual appeal and secondly, as a day wear that you put on under your clothing.

Here is a picture for a better understanding...

Now that you know exactly what a teddy is, let me give you more insight of what types are out there. As I earlier mentioned, there are two different types of fashion teddies. I am just going to jump right in to the more sexy ones, because those are the one's that people are more attracted to. There are numerous of different designer teddies out there- Lace teddies, thong teddies, see through or transparent teddies, push up teddies, full bottom teddies, backless teddies etc... Not to mention the materials they can and have been made out of, but the most popular designer teddies are made of lace and leather. As a woman, I absolutely love the fact that fashion teddies show off a woman's beautiful curves, yet covers up the stomach part!

Designer teddies are also great to give that extra spark in your relationship, and is a total confidence booster. Do not forget that you can always accessorize your designer teddy with beautiful earrings, high heel shoes, rings or bracelets. I believe that every woman should have a fashion teddy in their closet, even if you do not wear it too often. It is great to, sometimes, bring out your naughty side and show what 'You're truly made of'! You Go Girl!
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